$9.00 per person



A new laser tag session begins every 15 minutes. Hickory Falls FEC is equipped with 25 laser tag vests and phasers per session.

One of the advantages to having a group of 16 or more participants playing laser tag is that you gain exclusive rights to the arena for your session.

Are you looking for the best destination to play laser tag in Central PA? Our LASERTRON laser tag arena is 6,000 square feet of heart-pounding fun. Glowing pillars, arches, and passageways keep players on their toes. Futuristic lighting, swirling fog, and exhilarating sound tracks enhance the experience. The arena features 3-levels for a true 3-D gaming experience.

lasertag1Players move from level to level, dodge pillars, and race through opponent territory to attack enemy bases. This makes laser tag both a physical and mental challenge.

Laser tag is designed for both adults and children. There is no age limit to play, however; all guests must be able to maneuver through the arena wearing the vest properly and holding the phaser without hazard to themselves or the equipment. This team-oriented game is perfect to play with friends and family, as well as, team building activities or group outings!

During the briefing stage, players watch an instructional video and receive rules and regulations from the laser tag referee. Then they move on to the vesting stage, in which all players are equipped with their appropriate vest and phaser. Finally, 10-minutes of pure action and fun begin.


Players are able to tag their opponents in 4 spots on the vest as well as 2 sides of the phaser. The overall objective is to defend their 2 team bases and attack the opponent’s 2 team bases. Players accumulate hundreds of points by tagging their opponent’s bases. The secret to success is to coordinate the offensive and defensive strategies. Whoever does this the best and therefore scores the most points wins. Now you can see why laser tag is a great teambuilding activity!

Following this 15-minute session, players are able to view their scores highlighting his/her performance during the session.

ATTRACTION PRIVILEGES will expire at the end of the business day from when they are purchased – You may not save a privilege for a future visit.